Most Obvious and Fundamental Rule of the Beirut Escorts

Never fall in love with a client. That has to be the most obvious and fundamental rule of the Beirut Escorts. It's not like I'm saying I'm in love with Jon, or anything. I am not one of those women who fall in love so easily - but even so, I can feel that I am beginning to develop feelings. And why would not he? Jon is a great match, we get along, and we are compatible in bed. He checks all the boxes that any woman could want in a potential boyfriend. Except ... that is my client.

Let's be practical, though Escorts in Beirut. We have been spending more time together and doing more things as a couple, but we have not really talked about where this is going. I know there is no point in making a mountain out of a grain of sand, or thinking too much about things. I mean, I know you have some escorts that you keep in regular rotation - and honestly, you can not say that you're not going to start feeling for someone else the way you're doing for me, one or two weeks later.

So I'm doing my routine as normally as possible - trying out new recipes, doing some yoga, seeing Beirut Escort’s clients. On this particular day, I went to see John. He finally returned from his mission abroad - apparently, he was in Beirut, spending 12 hours a day working on this agreement that his company was cutting with the Arabic government. It went well, he won his company something like 3 million dollars, and as a result, they gave him a half-year bonus and a few days of free vacations so he could relax.


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