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Do not you know what face fucking Escort Beirut is? Literally means "face fucked" but refers to the practice of penetration of the penis in the mouth of the woman while it remains in a static position. In this type of fellatio, it is the man who controls the rhythm and depth of oral penetration. In this practice it is important to take the other party into account and ensure that the act is consenting at all times.
The face fucking is very pleasant for the man, but as we said it has to be done with respect to the other party and without turning it into an extreme sexual practice because it can cause the drowning of the girl who practices it.


This type of fellatio will surprise you and you will want to try it as soon as possible. It consists in introducing the penis in the mouth of the girl while she holds it with her breasts. To do this, the escort must lie on the bed and hold her breasts, the man will get on top of her by placing his penis between the breasts and making movements to introduce it at the same time in the mouth.
All those who have tried the French tie assure that it is a position that they can not let go and that they always ask to do it with their Beirut escort. Some of our girls have told us that many men have reached ejaculation only by practicing this position, since it is really erotic.

This type of fellatio is for the most daring. Surely you've seen in many porn movies, and that the white kiss consists of once the fellatio and ejaculated in the mouth of the girl is finished, it keeps the semen in the mouth and returns it to the man through a sensual kiss
However, this type of oral sex can transmit sexually transmitted diseases, so you should perform tests to ensure that both parties are healthy to practice without fear.


Now that you know what are some of the types of blowjobs that our Beirut Escorts like best, what are you waiting for to put into practice the one you like most with the most explosive and beautiful girl in your city?

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