5 Ideas to Enjoy Even More of an Escort in Beirut

Our company ladies in Beirut tell us what they like most to do with a man

Today we have met with our Escorts in Beirut to explain what is most fun when they are with a gentleman. As you imagine, each of our escorts like to do different things. Some prefer to let the imagination fly and try new positions, others have fun with erotic toys ... each of them enjoys sexuality in a different way.

We are going to tell you in detail 5 ideas to enjoy even more with an escort if you decide to stay one night with one of our company girls from Beirut.  You already know that, if you wish, they can make you from an erotic massage to be your companion on a business trip.

These are the 5 ideas that they propose:

Our ladies from Beirut model explains that you should not have sex with a young lady when you feel like it. It is advisable to spend more time. Minimally several times a week. It is perhaps the best way to improve our mood or our work productivity. We will quickly notice it in our character, but those who are around us will also notice.

Experience new things. Model, one of our most sensual ladies from Beirut, explains that it is very important to experiment with new postures, new places or introduce erotic toys into the relationship. It is recommended that for this we investigate. Model recommends us to read books, visit erotic shops or watch movies. This will make us much more creative in bed.

The sexual fantasies. In previous posts we talked about what are the sexual fantasies of our escorts. For them they are a fundamental aspect in a relation to two. If you have any fantasy that you have not yet seen fulfilled, do not worry, our girls from Beirut Escorts will be happy to make it possible.
The importance of the preliminaries, one of the most extroverted company girls in Beirut, confesses that coitus is not always the most important thing in a relationship. It is very important, as he confesses, the preliminaries. It is possible to have sex without penetration. Kisses, caresses, erotic massages, masturbation ... are good alternatives to enjoy sex with a Escort in Beirut.

The sensual provocation. If you stay with one of our Escorts in Beirut to accompany you on vacation or a business dinner, mutual provocation is essential. A stolen kiss or a caress under the table will be crucial to later let you be kidnapped by passion in the privacy of your apartment.


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